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Mobile Health Team offers a wide range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of cholesterol problems and pre-diabetes. The root cause of cholesterol problems is often intertwined with other conditions. The Common Problems We Treat can help you see how these conditions are often addressed in your visit.

Every person is an individual and we believe one-size-fits-all visits are a thing of the past in healthcare! Below are some of the services you may choose to find a healthier YOU!

Medical Consultations

Initial visits - For your first appointment, you will see Dr. Ann Liebeskind in the office (either Neenah or Wauwautosa, Wisconsin). We accept most major insurers and also offer affordable plans for pay-out-of-pocket clients. If your healthcare provider would like to refer you to see us, you may refer them to our Referring Provider Information page. We currently have over 150 healthcare providers who regularly refer patients to our practice, from the upper peninsula of Michigan and across Eastern Wisconsin to southern Milwaukee.

Follow-up visits

If you require further follow-up appointments then you have two options:

Get started today by making an online Appointment Request or calling 844-LIPID-HELP (844-547-4343) to book an appointment.

Tele-Health Medical Visits

Imagine being able to meet with a cholesterol expert without missing work or school...and avoiding the time and hassle of traveling to a medical office. Our private and secure Personalized Video Consultations are full medical appointments and are ideal for busy individuals and families who already use technology in their daily lives. We at Mobile Health Team believe this is the future of medicine - serving you where and when you need us. We couldn't be more excited to discuss the Tele-Health options with us - just give us a call at 844-LIPID-HELP (844-547-4343).

Availability: Currently, we are only able to offer medical services to those living in Wisconsin.

Cost: Some insurance plans now cover telehealth, so call us at 844-LIPID-HELP (844-547-4343) for more information. Visits not covered by insurance may be a little as $50 for a follow-up visit.

Nutrition and Exercise Consultations

Whether it is a one-time opinion or long-standing guidance, our nutrition and exercise consultants are here to help you succeed. Our specialists will give you expert advice that takes into account your personal health conditions, vital signs and laboratory results. We know that there are many options and consultants out there offering to help you improve your nutrition and diet. We feel that our years of experience in a medical setting, and treating complex and severe medical conditions, can provide perspective and knowledge that is second to none. Whether you have a mild, focused concern, or a number of health problems and questions, we are ready to help you on your journey to better health!*

See also Nutrition Consults and Exercise Consults for more information

Availability: Currently we are only able to offer this service to those living in Wisconsin.

Cost: Varies by your needs and insurance coverage. Because we are trained medical professionals, all services are eligible for FSA (flexible spending account) and HSA (health savings account) reimbursement. For pay-out-of-pocket rates, contact us or call 844-LIPID-HELP for more information.

Corporate Wellness Programming

We also offer corporate wellness programs. We offer everything from onsite lunch-and-learns to assistance in setting up a company wellness program, to individualized employee care. Call us at 844-LIPID-HELP (844-547-4343) for more information.

LDL Apheresis

Mobile Health Team, in cooperation with Fox Valley Nephrology Partners, has offered LDL Apheresis treatment for patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH). See our LDL Apheresis page for more information.

Patient Education - Trusted Information at Your Finger Tips

Take a Class that you can access at anytime!

Learn about cholesterol, heart disease, pre-diabetes and more, all at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or office. Mobile Health Team has partnered with Emmi Solutions to offer award-winning video classes that are available online.

Available: Anywhere!

Class cost: Free of charge for Mobile Health Team patients or with a Referral Code from your provider. To register, click Free Classes.

More Guidance and Support is available at our Learning Center

The web has an overwhelming amount of medical information. At Mobile Health Team, we know that learning about your conditions and risk factors can empower you to find wellness. Our educational links pages help you identify credible education and information online, free of charge.

Availability: Anywhere!

Cost: Free of Charge - Get Started Now at our Learning Center

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