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Sometimes it just isn't possible to travel to the doctor for a regular appointment.  Work, school, family commitments, distance or health problems can limit one's ability to travel during regular office hours.  We offer medical visits through a secure online video visit for anyone needing an alternative to regular visits.  

What do we offer through telehealth (video visits)?

A full lipidology (cholesterol) consultation (medical visit) is typically requested by your primary or specialty healthcare provider when he or she determines that you may have cholesterol problems, pre-diabetes, or a cholesterol-related risk for artery disease.  You may even already have artery disease or diabetes and now require aggressive management of your cholesterol, through diet, exercise and/or medications, in order to prevent complications.  New patient visits are also available by your request, but we do recommend that you keep your primary are provider and/or specialist involved in the plan of care.  

Most patients do choose to see us in person for the first visit, and then do their follow-ups through the telehealth option.  We also offer nutrition consults and follow-ups with a registered dietitian through online telehealth.

What is a lipidologist and what do they treat?

A lipidologist is a doctor that specializes in finding, treating and preventing diseases of your cholesterol (lipids) and blood sugar (glucose) that lead to diseases of the heart and blood vessels. 

Common Problems We Treat

The initial consultation often involves an extensive review of your patient medical records and medical history, and review of all prior diagnostic testing. Dr. Ann Liebeskind is a clinical lipidologist specializing in both children and adults (see also Our Staff).  She will help you understand your risks and options for prevention of heart disease.  

Availability:  Currently available only to patients living in Wisconsin.

Cost:  Prices Vary based on time spent and complexity of your needs. This is payable within our [Patient Portal].  We accept some forms of insurance.  If we are not a part of your insurance provider's network, we can provide you with a detailed medical bill so that you can submit it to your FSA/HSA for reimbursement or to your insurer for out-of-network coverage consideration.

For more information and specific pricing, please contact us at:  844-GET-LIPIDS or [email protected].

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