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We strive to be the type of colleague you enjoy working with: one focused entirely on assisting today's busy primary care and specialty healthcare providers in fully engaging their patients. We are here to help you and your patients succeed in finding health and wellness. We currently have over 150 healthcare providers who regularly refer patients to our practice, from the upper peninsula of Michigan and across Eastern Wisconsin to southern Milwaukee. Fifty percent of our patients are referred by specialists from fields such as cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology, hospital medicine and neurology. The remainder are referred by family practitioners, internists and pediatricians.

Who are we?

Mobile Health Team is led by Ann Liebeskind, MD. (Meet Our Staff.)

Who do we see?

We offer lipids consults for any patient struggling to reach their goals or lower their cardiovascular and cardiometabolic risks. We see all ages of patients, including children and families.

What do we offer?

Our practice provides effective tools - educational links, classes, case reviews, nutrition consults and full specialty medical consultations - all through today's mobile technology. We are excited to be a "virtual" medical practice, i.e. offering telemedicine/telehealth, but do also offer a "bricks and mortar visit" options as well if that fits your patient best. We are a great fit for patients who have unmet preventive health and wellness needs and also have barriers that limit their ability to attend traditional classes or medical visits with board-certified lipidologists, nutritionists or exercise specialists.

You can view more about Our Services too.

When is telehealth useful? Examples of our patients opting for the video consultations include those with:

  • A desire to attend a class on prevention topics but prefer online options
  • Limited ability to miss work or school for additional appointments
  • Geographic locations with limited access to lipidology services or nutrition or exercise specialists
  • Desire for fast and convenient access to expert care
  • Busy travel and work schedules that make traditional office hours difficult
  • Anyone desiring evening or weekend consultations

Our promises to you, a referring provider, include but are not limited to:

  • Competitive pricing of care (Our services are eligible for some insurance plans coverage as well as eligible for FSA, HSA, and often out-of-network insurance plan coverage).
  • Full coordination of care.
  • Emmi educational programs at no-cost to patients through our website
  • Nutrition consults that are coordinated with the lipidologist's plan of care and communicated directly back to the referring provider as well
  • Timely scheduling and visits
  • Continuous review of feedback and quality improvement.
  • Attention to improving outcomes to reach your patient's goals - and QI benchmarks.

How do you refer a patient?

To refer a patient:

Fax a referral to 844-885-9574 or Call 844-547-4343 (844-LIPIDS-HELP)

Are you on social media?

Yes!!!! Please find us on:

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