Corporate Wellness Introduction

Mobile Health Team began as a specialty practice excelling in preventive services for individuals with high risk for heart disease, other forms of artery disease and diabetes.  To help those high-risk individuals who often struggle with chronic diseases to find wellness and give them the expert care they deserve, our team must include highly trained dietitians, exercise specialists and health coaches.  In 2015, Mobile Health Team was approached by a NorthEast Wisconsin employer who saw a gap in services provided by wellness providers and was looking for in-depth resources for their employees.  After a successful pilot, Mobile Health Team's Corporate Wellness Program began to take shape.  We now offer a variety of services to a number of companies based in Wisconsin.  Please contact Dr. Ann at [email protected] or by calling our main office at 844-547-0099 for more information.  

Our Approach:

Dr Ann Liebeskind meets with the leadership of each company and determines what gaps in care or needs they are facing.  Then she develops a propsal that not only addresses the company's needs but also provides evidence-based results.  Just like when we are caring for patients who expect and deserve specific improvements in their health that are measurable and trackable, Dr Ann believes that company's and employees deserve the same results.  

Examples of Services:

No two companies are the same size, make the same products or have the same team.  Therefore, no wellness program package could ever fit any company except the one it is designed for.  The list of services below is just an example of what categories of help we can offer, but the components are chosen after meeting with the leadership of your company.  We are constantly adding new components.  We also strive to continually improve on what we have done in the past.

Classes - we offer online and in-person educational sessions for employees and company leaders

Administrative support and educational tools - wellness programming guidance, reward program and wellness campaign ideas and support, newsletter content/production/formatting

Direct Care for Individual High-Risk Employees - whether in our office or onsite (onsite must meet HIPAA compliance) employees can meet with Dr Ann, or receive core nutrition programs from our Registered Dietitians, Disease Management from our Registered Nurses or general health coaching to meet their goals.  Dr Ann sets each treatment plan for the employee and coordinates with their primary care providers and specialists.

Population Health Management - we assist with interpretation of HRA Aggregate Reports and setting action plans for population health management for employee groups, offer Reasonable Alternative Standard (RAS) administrative support and programming, year-long health coaching and year-to-year data comparison for assessing improvement and setting benchmark goals

HIPAA Compliance - as a medical office, we know how important confidentiality and protection of an individuals Personal Health Information (PHI) is and place this at the highest priority

What we do not provide:

We are not a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) vendor.  We do not offer biometric testing.  We partner with your company's HRA vendor to help you make the most of the data generated from HRAs.

We do not offer general primary care or onsite occupational health clinics.  Our scope of expertise is wellness and disease prevention through nutrition and exercise, and chronic disease management for risk or treatment of conditions such as high cholesterol, overweight status, obesity, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart disease and other forms of artery disease.  We do offer onsite group and individual health coaching and individual medical visits, as long as your company is able to provide a confidential HIPAA-compliant site.

If your company or organization has unmet needs for your employees and their approach to health and wellness, please contact Dr. Ann at [email protected] or by calling our main office at 844-547-0099 for more information.  We would love to help you!  

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