Have you ever heard of Tele-Health? Tele-Health (also known as telemedicine) has been around for many years. In the past, tele-health equipment was most commonly set up in a rural or remote clinic setting as a convenient link to care by specialists in larger, tertiary healthcare facilities. With advances in the internet, mobile technologies and webcams, tele-health can now reach a patient in many more places, including their own home or office.

Why would you use tele-health? Traditional medical care, given face-to-face, can never be replaced. There is something to be said for the "healing touch" of the doctor-patient relationship. However, in today's busy world, sometimes it is nice to have other choices.

Mobile Health Team is excited to be a part of the tele-health movement. We believe it is just another way for us to reach our patients who want to access expert care as a part of their journey to heart-healthy futures. We offer Personalized Video Consultations within a secure patient portal. If you are interested in tele-health as part of your care, please mention this at your next appointment with us, or call us anytime at 844-547-4343.

More information on Tele-Health is available through the American Telemedicine Association.

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