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  • Fainting - Prevention

    Fainting is a sudden loss of consciousness and falling down. A return to being awake and alert happens within a minute or so. Also called passing out or blacking out. The medical name for fainting is syncope. This handout can help you prevent the most common types of fainting.

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  • Fingernail Injury

    Information and guidance on injury to a fingernail.

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  • Foot Injury

    Information and guidance on foot injury in children.

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  • Gas - Excessive

    Information and guidance on transient synovitis (irritation of the hip joint) in children.

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  • Glued Wound Care

    Information and guidance on how to care for a wound closed with a medical skin glue.

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  • Gynecomastia - Normal

    Information and guidance on presence of some breast tissue swelling in a teenage male.

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  • Headache - Attention-Getting Type

    Information and guidance on headaches in children.

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  • Headache - Stress Related

    Headaches often are caused by stress. Headaches occur when your child is worried about something or under pressure. These are often called “stress headaches.”

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