What do your numbers mean?

There are many good overviews of your "Health Numbers" on the internet.  Here are sources we particularly like at Mobile Health Team:

Understanding Lipid Panel Results - from the Foundation of the National Lipid Association

 "Know Your Heart Numbers" - good review for adults from the American Heart Association

"Heart Disease Risk Factors for Children and Teenagers" - outstanding overview from the Texas Heart Institute

The bottom line?  A basic check-up with your healthcare provider will provide you with a wealth of information.  The "numbers" include blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight and body mass index .  (Lipidologists often also check your waist circumference.)  If any of those numbers are abnormal, they can become targets for improvement in your health.  If more than one or two of these numbers are abnormal, it may be a sign of other health problems and a higher risk for heart artery disease or diabetes.  So next time you get your "numbers" checked by your healthcare provider, pay special attention and make sure you know your numbers.  If they are normal - GREAT!  If they are not normal, don't get discouraged...it just means it is time to make a plan for ACTION!

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