Could a Nutrition & Exercise Consultation Benefit You?

If you’d like to make healthy changes through diet and exercise, Dr. Ann Liebeskind and the Mobile Health Team provide highly personalized nutrition & exercise consultations in Wauwatosa and Neenah, WI.

Can a Nutrition and Exercise Consultation Help Me?

Have you ever tried to develop a nutrition and exercise plan for yourself? If so, you know there is a mountain of information available in books and online to help. While it’s great to have this information at your fingertips, there are two huge downfalls to it:

  1. There is a mountain of information, and a great deal of it can be conflicting. Digging through the information to find the right answer for you can be nearly impossible.
  2. Much of the information is generalized. It’s what the “average” person should live by. It doesn’t take into account your health conditions, your lifestyle, your habits, or other personal factors.

Due to this, many people never even begin a nutrition and exercise plan because they don’t know where to start. If they do begin, they often give up soon as the plan isn’t working or providing the results they desire.

Fortunately, there’s another answer. Dr. Liebeskind and the Mobile Health Team provide nutrition & exercise consultations in Wauwatosa and Neenah, WI. These consultations are built around you – not generalized ideals. They take the following into account:

  • Your goals – You explain what you’re hoping to accomplish. Whether it’s losing weight, treating a condition, training for a marathon, or simply living healthier, your goals are a top priority.
  • Your health – Through vital signs, lab reports, and in-depth conversation, Mobile Health Team will get an understanding of your overall health so that your recommendations meet your needs.
  • Your life – Is there something preventing you from eating well and exercising? Are you stuck at a desk all day for work? Always on the run to get your kids to activities? Or maybe you simply lack the energy and motivation to get up. In any case, Dr. Liebeskind and her team are happy to help you find solutions.

If you’re looking for nutrition & exercise consultations in Wauwatosa and Neenah, WI that will fit your life and help you achieve your goals, Dr. Liebeskind and the Mobile Health Team can help. Call (844) 457-4343 or (844) LIPID-HELP to schedule your appointment today.

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