Understanding Your Risks for High Cholesterol

If you’ve recently found out that you may have high cholesterol, it’s important to work with your doctor to get your cholesterol back down to healthy levels. Having high cholesterol can put you at risk for heart disease as well as other issues and it’s important that you understand why you should be managing your cholesterol levels. Dr. Ann Liebeskind at Mobile Health Team in Wauwatosa and Neenah, WI, can explain what your risks are when you have high cholesterol and how you can get your cholesterol to healthy levels.

The Risks of Having High Cholesterol

There are many reasons why you might have high cholesterol and there are factors that can weigh in on your cholesterol levels. It could be genetics, lifestyle, or medical issues. Your doctor in Neenah, WI, will look at your life as a whole to determine what could be causing your high cholesterol and how it can be dealt with.

People that have high cholesterol are left at a greater risk for heart disease. When you have high cholesterol, there’s a buildup of plaque in your artery walls that can block blood from safely passing through those arteries. This can in turn cause a blood clot and block the flow of blood throughout your body.

When you’re dealing with blood clots and high cholesterol, this can in turn lead to chest pain or a heart attack. When you work with your doctor to manage your cholesterol levels, you can reduce your risk of dealing with either of these issues and you can continue to live a healthy and normal life. Your doctor might recommend some lifestyle changes and may prescribe a medication to help with your cholesterol levels.

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