Cholesterol Management for Children

If your children have trouble with their cholesterol levels, Dr. Ann Liebeskind and the caring staff at Mobile Health Team provide effective cholesterol management solutions in Wauwatosa and Neenah, WI.

Effects of High Cholesterol in Children

Cholesterol is a substance that is naturally provided by the liver. It is essential as it helps the body build cells as well as create hormones and vitamins.

However, it's similar to wax, so it can attach itself to the artery walls. When cholesterol is too high, it leads to plaque build-up, which can prevent the blood from flowing properly to a child’s organs.

This can lead to issues, such as heart attacks and strokes. Though these complications may not occur until later in life, it’s still imperative to manage cholesterol in kids to decrease the risk. Early prevention is always best.

What Can Cause High Cholesterol in Kids?

There are a few issues that can cause high cholesterol, one of which is diet. The liver produces the amount of cholesterol needed for the body to function properly. When your kids eat a diet high in cholesterol, they are putting more into their bodies than can be processed.

Weight and genetics are also factors. Children who struggle with obesity are typically found to have higher levels of cholesterol. Additionally, children whose parents have high cholesterol are at higher risk.

How Can It Be Managed?

Cholesterol management in Wauwatosa and Neenah, WI begins by determining the root cause. At Mobile Health Team, Dr. Liebeskind will start your child’s journey to treatment with a comprehensive consultation, which will include any necessary testing.

Once this is complete, she and her skilled team will help develop a personalized plan that includes nutrition and exercise. This is typically the core of any plan, as many cases of high cholesterol can be treated naturally through eating better, exercising, and losing weight. In some cases, additional treatment, such as medication, might be needed.

Some of the greatest results come through education – not just for the child but the parents, as well. With a family-friendly approach, Dr. Liebeskind will work to help develop better habits that can benefit the entire family and provide your children with a healthier future.

If your child eats food high in cholesterol, is overweight, or has cholesterol issues run in the family, it’s time to contact the Mobile Health Team. Make an appointment with Dr. Liebeskind for cholesterol management in Wauwatosa and Neenah, WI by calling (844) LIPID-HELP or (844) 547-4343.

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