Advanced Testing

Have you read about or ever had "advanced lipid testing done"?  Are you looking for more information?

Advanced lipids testing refers to any testing beyond the basic lipids (cholesterol) panel.  On a basic lipid panel you will find results such as total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides and non-HDL.  Advanced testing looks at your cholesterol at a deeper level - what it looks like and and what it is made out of.  Since advanced testing is not necessary for every individual, it is not recommended in the standard screening guidelines.  However, some people with genetic (inherited) cholesterol problems, early heart disease, or severely elevated cholesterol can benefit from the information provided in these advanced tests.  Therefore, there is a place for this testing if recommended by a specialist who understands when and why to use the testing, like a lipidologist.  Advanced testing is often not covered by basic insurance plans, since it is relatively rare to need this testing done.  Therefore, before you have the test done, it is important to have a discussion with your doctor regarding the medical importance (health value) versus cost of advanced testing in your individual case.

The National Lipids Association has created this document to explain a little more about some advanced lipids testing:

Advanced Lipids Testing Information Sheet

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