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We know that if you understand your health condition, you can participate more fully in your care, and make the best possible choices for your health.  We are here to make sure you understand your cholesterol.  

There are many great resources online with quality cholesterol and heart disease prevention advice at no cost.  If you need help navigating some of these sites, visit our Online Links page to see some of our favorites.

Need more than the basics?  If you have a more complex question, free general health information sites may not give you what you need.  We have partnered with Emmi Solutions to bring you Free Classes.  These are self-paced video programs that walk you through different conditions and how to get started treating them.  Try a program today and make sure you have a solid understanding.

Still have questions?  Maybe it is time for an expert consultation.  See Our Services page to choose the right level of care.  By scheduling a consultation, you will gain access to a wealth of information that is tailored to YOU and find answers.