It's Time To Take Control!

What is your gameplan for heart health? 

  • Do you go to your medical appointments feeling prepared and in control of your prevention plan?

  • Do you know your cholesterol numbers and heart risk factors?  Are you happy with your numbers?

  • Do you have a diet and exercise plan that is moving you and your family steadily towards a healthy goal?

  • Do you know there is heart disease or diabetes in your family and worry that you may be at risk too?

  • Has your child's cholesterol been tested and left you with more questions than answers?

  • Do you have a personalized plan you created with a healthcare provider for heart and diabetes prevention?

  • What if you already have heart disease and diabetes?  Are you confident that you are preventing complications?

If you say "No!" to any of these questions, you are not alone.  

We at Mobile Health Team know how important it is to help you answer those questions.  Protecting your health is the most important annual investment you make...and one of the most costly too.  In fact, the average American family insurance plan now costs more than $16,000 a year.*  Isn't it worth making sure you are in control? 

"The house calls of today's mobile world."

Our Mobile Health Team members believe that you deserve the most comprehensive cholesterol and preventive cardiac health care available.  We also take it one step further.  We deliver it where AND when you want it, through traditional medical office visits or through telehealth consults.

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Welcome to a new and very exciting kind of medical practice.  We can't wait to be a part of your care!

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