Exercise is Medicine

Did you know that exercise really is medicine?  It can be a very effective treatment for all types of cholesterol problems.  Maybe an exercise program won't be the sole solution to your cholesterol problem, but it still but it can be an outstanding complement to all other changes you are working on.  With all the great reasons to exercise, it can still be SO hard to get started, can't it?

We at Mobile Health Team love to help patients and families look at ways to fit exercise into their lives and succeed in getting healthier.  Here are some great tips for you to get started, but always remember that if you don't normally exercise, it is important to talk with your healthcare provider first to set the healthiest plan for you!

For Kids and Families, review our resources at:  Homework For Health

Starting a Physical Activity Program (pdf)

For Older Adults (pdf)

Do you sit too much?  Move More, Sit Less (pdf)

Weather Safety and Budget Challenges (pdf)

The Many Benefits of Exercise (pdf)

Ten Tips to Stick to Your Exercise Plan (pdf)