Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

Mobile Health Team would like to welcome you to our blog. We believe that educated, inspired patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their overall health and wellbeing.  Through this blog, we'll share our thoughts and updates on a variety of topics related to lipids (cholesterol), glucose (blood sugar), telehealth, medical technology and patient empowerment.  We hope, whether in ways big or small, that we can inspire you to start taking control of your health.  

Please remember our blog does not represent medical advice - only opinions and news.  We always welcome you to join our practice and schedule an appointment for personalized medical care.  

We welcome all comments and questions on this blog, especially feedback on future topics that can assist your planning of a healthy future for you and your family.  During busy times, it might take us a few days to respond to your ideas, but we will respond.  Your constructive comments and feedback truly help inspire us!  We're all in this journey together, after all. 


Dr. Ann M. Liebeskind