So many fitness videos, so little time!

So many fitness videos, so little time!
by Angela, Registered Dietitian


While in clinic and at our corporate engagements, we are often asked for sources for quality exercise videos. If you do a simple Google search, you will get thousands of results. But how do you choose? Here are a few of our favorite sources to get you moving in the New Year: 

Here is a YouTube channel with a variety of choices, all created by a personal trainer and certified fitness instructor. These workouts range in difficulty, and include instructional videos on proper form in order to avoid injury. Amy (the creator of the channel) is super motivating and gives many options within her videos to accommodate all fitness levels. Follow this link to my favorite go-to workout website. 

A husband/wife duo created this site and it is the most customizable of all of the internet video platforms I've used. You can easily find a workout using your own criteria. The instruction is solid and workouts are easy to follow. Give it a try by following the link here. 

Scroll through a multitude of options, like "At Home Cardio - No Running Required!," to find a workout that suits you. Although there is no customizable search on this site, the videos are well made and provide an effective workout. Check it out by following this link. 

Happy "Move" Year!