I know I should but...

I know I should but...
by Deb, Nutritionist Certified Diabetic Educator


Happy New Year!  Did you make any resolutions for this year? After the holidays, many of us are determined to eat healthier and start exercising.  One way to set achievable goals is to be sure they are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely). As a dietitian, I hear many people say, "I know what I should do... I just need to do it!".  Are you one of them?
Then, take my challenge! This year, take a hard look at what you think you should do and figure out why you aren't doing it.  Maybe you heard that eating a specific diet was good for you but you don't know how to implement it. Maybe you aren't even sure it's necessary. If you don't have a strong reason for making a change, you won't likely do it.
Below are examples of how to break it down.
What should I do?
1. Exercise 
2. Gluten Free Diet 
3. Eat more fiber 
Why should I do it?
1. Healthier (be more specific-lose weight, lower cholesterol etc.)
2. Friend told me.
3. Will lower my cholesterol.

Why don't I?
1. Physical handicap prevents me.
2. Not sure I believe
them, I like bread! 
3. I don't know which
foods are good for this. 

What's the next step?
1. Discuss with healthcare provider if options
such as physical therapy are available.
2. Scrap it! It is not good choice for you. 
3. Oats, barley, fruits, vegetables and other whole grains are great things to have in your diet. A registered dietitian can help you add these foods to your meals.

Best Ways to Achieve Success 
1. Know what you want to do.
2. Why you want to do it.
3. Figure out how to make those changes.
Apply this process to identify solutions in all areas of your life - not just diet and exercise. Being healthy means having a good balance. Life presents many challenges and the goal is to feel good about yourself, not guilty about things you don't do.
Need help getting started? Give us a call and set up
an appt. We would love to help you on your journey.