Choosing Your Organic Produce

I often am asked if buying organic foods is "worth it".  To be practical, the cost and access to organic food limits the choices for many of us.  If you have shopped organic, you have likely noticed that those certified foods can carry a higher price tag.  What if you do want to buy organic foods, but your grocery budget won't allow for you to go entirely organic?  First of all, my advice is "Don't lose sleep over it!"  Eating fruits and veggies is the healthiest choice for your family, no matter whether they are organic or not.  Taking that into consideration, if you are still interested in buying organic but want to be selective, the website MindBodyGreen has created a "dirty dozen" - the fruits and veggies most likely to carry pesticides.  Although no list is a perfect guarantee of safety and cleanliness, this ranking may help you prioritize which organic foods you choose.  You can find the dirty dozen by clicking here.